WWII German Tanks, Assault Guns, Carriers and other vehicles Third Reich

World War Two  German Tanks, Assault Guns, Carriers and other vehicles, Pavilion N 6 exhibits

фашистские танки третий рейх

Tanks, assault guns, carriers and AV of  WW2, German, Third Reich, pavilion N6. Photo 2014

Third Reich, WW2 German vehicles pavilion N6, archives photo 2004

Third Reich, WW2 German vehicles pavilion N6, archives photo 2004

фашистская Германия, Третий Рейх

Tanks, assault guns, carriers & AV of WWII German Third Reich pavilion N6. Kubinka tank museum

Pavilion inside. In the foreground light German tank T-1A (SdKfz101), next — T-IIB (SdKfz121)

That such tanks in a few days the Germans conquered almost all of Europe …

Some of the famous exhibits of the pavilion:

Немецкий тяжелый танк Т-VI "Тигр"

German heavy tank T-VI  «Tiger» (tank museum, Kubinka)

Survived only a few «Tigers» in the world. In Russia, there are two

Немецкий сврехтяжелый танк "Маус" Кубинка

WWII German super-heavy tank «Mouse»(tank museum, Kubinka)

«Mouse.» Do not meet the expectations of the Führer tank weapons of the Wehrmacht

Немецкая тяжелая самоходная установка СУ-600 "Тор"

German WWII heavy assault gun SU-600 «Tor» (tank museum, Kubinka)

This heavy self-propelled gun fired the first shot of the Brest Fortress June 22, 1941, beginning the participant of the German fascist attack on the USSR

Немецкий тяжелый танк Т-V "Пантера"

German WW2 heavy tank T-V «Panther» (tank museum, Kubinka)

«Panther» — real German quality. 70 years have passed, and she runs and jumps. The truth is when it was necessary, on the Kursk, it constantly broke down herself.

Немецкая легкая самоходная установка СУ-75 на базе T-II

German WWII light assault gun SU-75 on the base T-II  (tankmuseum, Kubinka)

Немецкая самоходная установка СУ-88 Шершень

WW2 German assault gun SU-88 (tank museum, Kubinka)

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