Russian WWII battlefields armored vehicles relic hunting

Vehicles researching and extracting on the Warld War Two battlefields in Russia.

Despite that in Russia there are many vehicle relic hunting groups, as Russian law, all founded armored vehicles are property of GAPTU (Armored department of Russian Defense Ministry). Argumentation: «if tomorrow could be the war, all historical military armored vehicles will be at the front…» Strange? But during the battle for Moscow 1941 many people volunteer detachments had….the rifles M1812 from the Smolensk museum. Found on the battlefields after 60 years, any armored vehicles could be put in the order by our specialists.

Searching of the vehicles.

The tanks have been found on the battlefield of World War II.
Under the supervision of the Museum and technical support GABTU, with a number of search and restoration of clubs conducted further work on the search auto-armored vehicles in the field of battle, and its restoration to demonstrate the capabilities of running and participating in military-historical reconstruction of battles during festivals and public holidays.
Search party composed of members of VIMBTVT and members of the search team engaged in the exploration of military equipment and its fragments for the needs of the Ministry of Defense, primarily for the collection of the Museum.
Many details of a lost art comes from local residents. Some of this information is true and accurate, based on where the works.
After studying archival sources, secret reports of casualties on both sides, maps of hostilities, begins the search begins with the «deep intelligence» areas.

поиск военной техники на местах сражений

The first step — exploration, underwater exploration, in the swamps and the lakes…

поиск и реставрация военной техники

digging in the earth, AV erosion and extracting — the next step of search work

T-34 «Sniper» history (tank museum Kubinka collection)

подъем танка Т-34 "Снайпер" музей

local police controle during the extracting

Disarmament under police control — shells, grenades, ammunition and arms. Shells sappers undermined

Подъем танка Т-34 "Снайпер" поисковым отрядом

Tank T-34 found on the WWII battlefield

After the washout by the water tank T-34 was delivered to the tank museum in Kubinka

to be continued…