WW2 cars and trucks, Patriot park

The special separate exhibition «Motors of the War» of  the World War Two military / civilian cars and trucks.  USSR, Germany, USA, UK, Italy and Japan vehicles from private collections. Some found on Russian WW2 battlefields and restored.

«Motors of the War», the exhibition at Patriot park, Moscow region. Photo 2017.

  • GAZ-64 (prototype), USSR, M1941 military car
  • GAZ-64, M1941, serial, reconnaissance / commander car
  • Studebaker M29C «Weasel», G179 Cargo carrier, M1942, USA
  • Dodge WC-17, «Carryall» , M1941, USA
  • Humber FW, light reconnaissance car, M1941, Germany
  • Chevrolet C15TA, armored carrier, Canada
  • Daimler Dingo Mk III, scout car, M1938, Great Britain
  • Dodge WC, hospital’s , USA
  • Dodge WC-57, commander car, USA
  • Fiat SPA-38R, military truck, M1937, Italy
  • Fiat SPA TL-37, artillery carrier, M1935, Italy
  • Steyr 1500 A/ 01 Kfz.69, heavy  commander car, Germany
  • Volkswagen , commander car, Germany
  • BMW 325, Kfz.1, M1937
  • Grosse feldkuche Hf.13, field kitchen,
  • Kleine feldkuche Hf.12, field kitchen
  • Infantriefahrzeug 5 (In.5) MG wagen 36, horsed tag  with anti-aircraft Zwillingsockel 36
  • Phanomen Granit 25H, ambulance van
  • Phanomen Granit 1500A Kfz.70, commander car
  • Mercedes Benz L 1500SS, fire truck
  • Kurogane Type 95, commander car, M1935, Japan
  • Rikuo type 97, military motorcycle, M1937, Japan