Tank biathlon

Tank biathlon, International Army Games, Russia

Location: Moscow region, Alabino — Patriot park ( Kubinka — Golitsyno — Seliatino RRStations, about 1 hour by car from Moscow). shooting range of  Tamanskaya motorized division.

Status: state, military, Defense Ministry (Russian Army)
Access: restricted military area, available during the special events

About Tank Biathlon

Team (up to 21 persons)
Team leader
Team members (4 tank crews: 3 main + 1 reserve) — 12 persons
Coaching group — 2 persons
Maintenance unit (repairing support) — 6 person 

1. Individual race (all teams are participating).
2. Relay race – Semifinals (12 teams are participating).
3. Relay race – Finals (4 teams are participating).

Armored Vehicles

  • T-73B3 — the main battlefield tank, for  all country, except
  • T-90s «Bhishma»  — for India team
  • Type 96B — for China team

Stage 1, determines the ranking of the each crew

Competitors:  3 crews from each team (each crew uses its own tank).

Start: separate with 1-2 min gap (4 tanks on the race at once).

The information screen with the tank position indicator on the lap

Conditions: each crew is to run 3 tours (3-5 km) with three firing sessions:
1st lap — gun firing three shots (target N12 «Tank»).
2nd lap — AA MG firing (target N25 «Helicopter»).
3rd lap — coaxial MG firing (target N9 «Anti-tank grenade launcher»)

Tank shooting: target «tank», International Army Games -2017


1. Barriers and maneuvering section.
2. Ford (wade passing)
3. Track passage lane in the minefield
4. Hill
5. Fire line obstacle
6. Anti-tank trench with a passage lane
7. Track bridge
8. Comb
9. Escarp
10. Side-hill


Stage N1 race results of each tank crew are calculated by summing total distance time and penalties.
12 top teams in the Individual race are permitted to participate in the Semifinals of the Relay race stage.

Stage 2, relay race

Conditions:  each crew is to run 4 tours (3-5 km) overcoming obstacles and engaging targets on 3 firing lines.
Gun firing on move; coaxial MG firing at halt.
Firing session during the Relay race is carried out in accordance to the order established by drawing.

1st lap – speed race
2nd lap – gun flank firing on move at three targets N12
3rd lap – AA Machine Gun firing at targets N25 and N11
4th lap – coaxial MG firing at 3 targets N9

Competitors: 3 rotating crews from each team use only 1 tank.

Start: simultaneous (4 tanks on the race at once)

Results: four the teams with the best results in the semifinals are permitted to participate in the final stage.

to be continued…