self-propelled howitzer Sturmpazer IV «Brummbär»

Soviet classifiction — german self-propelled howitzer SU-150, 1943, (on the baze tank Panzer T-IV), serial

Third Reich official name— Sturmpanzer IV . Service label — Sd.Kfz. 166.

Other nicknames:

Sturmpanzer 43, (year of the beginning of production of self-propelled gun, 1943). German «soldier» name StuPa — abbreviation Sturmpanzer.  UK/USA «allies» called in reports «Brummbär». The reports of the Soviet assault gun was designated as «The Bear.»

Sturmpanzer was a participant of the Battles for Kursk, Anzio, Normandy, and the Warsaw Uprising

assault gun  Sturmpanzer IV ‘Brummbar’ in Kibinka tank museum

Немецкая самоходная установка СУ-150 на базе T-IV

German assault howitzer Sturmpanzer IV (Kubinka tank museum)

Tactical technical characteristics of Assault Gun Sturmpanzer IV:

Weight — 28,2 tons
Crew — 5 people
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) — 5930 х 2880 х 2520 mm
Weaponry: gun — 1 piece, caliber 150 mm, ammunition- 38 shots
Armor protection, front  — 50, 70 or 100 mm, the turet: front — 100 mm, side -50 mm
Engine power — 300 hp (soviet testing)
Maximum speed — 40 km / h
Cruising on the highway — up to 210 km.
Depth overcome the water barrier — 1 meter

Sturmpanzer Brummbär design features:

Base — tank Panzer IV

The overall layout — classic

Weapons — gun (howitzer) StuH 43 L/12 ; one machine gun MG-34.

The armor protection — welded body of forged parts. Rolled and cast steel, surface hardened

Chassis — Maybach HL 120 the TRM, 12 cylinder, carburetor, V-type, liquid-cooled; 11867 cc working volume; Average ground pressure of 1.1 kg / cm2; there is a radio station and tank intercom.