German Assault gun StuG III (StuG 40) Ausf. F/8

Soviet classification: German self-propelled gun SU-75 «Artshturm» on the basis of the T-III, 1941, serial. Designed in 1940. Serially produced from 1940 to 1941. Operated by the army of Nazi Germany. Was used in the battles of the Second World War. (the official museum catalog)

German classification: Gepanzerte Selbstfahrlafette für Sturmgeschütz III mit 7,5-cm-Sturmkanone 37 oder 40.

Third Reich service name: Sd.Kfz. 142. StuG III    or  StuG 40

Assault gun  StuG III Ausf.F/8, Kubinka tank museum,

Самоходное штурмовое орудие StuG III

German Assault gun StuG III Ausf.F/8 (Kubinka tank museum collection)

Tactical technical characteristics of StuG III:

  • Weight — 22 tons
  • Crew — 4 people
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 5480 x 2950 x 1960 mm.
  • Weaponry
  • gun —  1 piece,  caliber — 75 mm.,  ammunition — 56 shots
  • Armory protection,  front — 50  mm.,  turret — 30 mm.
  • Engine power — 300 hp
  • Maximum speed — 50 km / h
  • Cruising on the highway — up to 175 km.
  • Depth overcome the water barrier — 1.1 meters

StuG III design features:

Base – tank Panzer III.

The overall layout — typical for the self-propelled gun ; the closed type; reduced construction height (compared with the base model). Armament — 75 mm gun; machine gun is missing.

Armory – armor protection is compared to the base tank, but  is reduced in the thickness of the turret.

Chassis — Carburetor engine «Maybach» HL-120, the average ground pressure of 1 kg / cm; there is a radio station and a tank intercom.