Soviet Medium Tanks and Assault Guns

Tank museum, Kubinka. Soviet Medium Tanks and Assault Guns, Pavilion N 2.

The Second World War, the «cold war» and «local conflicts»

Note the appearance of the pavilion has changed a bit, before he looked (photo below):

советские средние танки

pavilion N2, archives photo

Советские средние танки и САУ

Soviet medium tanks and assault guns, pavilion N2

The pavilion presents Soviet medium tanks and self-propelled guns from the legendary T-34 of World War II and ending with the main tank, standing in the Russian Army.

советские российские средние танки

Soviet (Russian) medium tanks. Photo 2014

советские самоходные установки

Soviet assault guns on the base of the medium tanks

The pavilion also represented the Soviet self-propelled artillery of the Great Patriotic War

The types of munitions, the armament of the Soviet Army

The pavilion exposition  for the amateurs of the military equipment, and of course, the cadets of military school, This is  a magnificent exhibition, showing the internal structure and the types of the munitions, including the period of the Great Patriotic War (World War Two)

танковый музей Кубинка экскурсия на русском языкеA part of the munition exposition, Hall N3

The legendary «thirty-four» and its components

The pavilion presents the V-twin engine, the main types of rollers and track links of the T-34 and the different AV on T-34 base

колеса танка Т-34, танковый музей Кубинка T-34 rolle different models, some found on the battlefields

Multimedia and the modern museum technologies

Recently in the Pavilion was created the special audiovisual system with modern multimedia set for the visitors about the history of tanks . In 2016 during the holydays it was in the work condition.

танковый музей Кубинка экскурсия

multimedia audio-video sydtem

советские самоходные установки

Assault gun on the T-34 base, WWII, labeled «For Stalin!»

The pavilion also represented the Soviet self-propelled guns of the World  War Two

Kubinka tank museum an official catalogue*, P2 exhibits, (Soviet medium tanks and Assault guns). (Copyright Mikhail Blinov, please do the link if reffered).

N Model Object Year of Issue Name Factory Type 
1 T-34 1940 medium tank serial  outdoor exhibition
2 T-34-85 1943 medium tank serial
3 SU-100 1944 Assault Gun on T-34 base serial
4 SU-122 1942 Assault Gun on T-34 base serial
5 T-44 1944 medium tank serial
6 SU-101 1944 Assault Gun on T-34 base one sample
7 T-54 137 1947 medium tank serial
8 T-54 137 1949 medium tank serial
9 T-54A 137 1955 medium tank serial
10 SU-122-(54) 1949 Assault Gun on T-54 base serial
11 ZSU-57-2 1950 Assault Gun on T-54 base serial
12 T-55 155 1955 medium tank serial
13 T-55AM 1982 medium tank small serie
14 T-55 ognemet 483 1959 flamethrower on T-55 one sample
15 OT-55 482 1957 flamethrower serial
16  T-62 166 1960 medium  tank on T-55  serial
17 167 1961 medium tank one sample
18  T-55 AD 1983 medium tank small sample
19  IT-1 150 1968 tank destroyer on T-62 serial
20 432 1960 medium tank small serie
21 432 1960 medium tank small serie
22 T-64 434 1967 main tank serial
23 T-64A 446 1969 main tank serial
24 775 1962 rocket tank on T-64 base one sample
25 287 1962 rocket tank on T-64 base one sample
26 288 1963 command center on T-64 one sample
27 172 1970 main tank small serie
28 172-2M 1974 main tank small serie
29 T-72 172M-1 1975 main tank serial
 30  T-80  219  1976  main tank  serial
 31  T-80BV  219AS  1985  main tank  serial
 32  T-54  137  1955  medium, on monument  serial  outdoor
 33  T-34-85  1944  medium, on monument  serial  outdoor

In this Pavilion N2 there are also additionally (not included in this catalogue):

  • T-34 engine as the separate exhibit
  • T-34 rolles collection
  • Munition collection

*this catalogue was made in the Soviet era (the museum exhibits since 1972 till 2014) and will be added and changed… Any notes are welcome

Since 2015 some exhibits were moved (? temporary or forever) into the parc «Patriot» (15 km from Kubinka). The empty spaces sometime are filled by other pavilion vehicles (temporary)