Soviet Light Tanks, Assault Guns and Carriers

Tank museum, Kubinka. Soviet Light Tanks, Assault Guns and Carriers, Pavilion N 3 exhibits.

Armored Vehicles of the World War two, Cold War and the Local Conflicts: light tanks, airborne combat vehicles (BMD), armored personnel carriers (BMP).

Танковый музей, павильон легких советских танков, БМД и БТР, 2013 год

Tank museum. Soviet light tanks, assault guns and carriers (BMP, BTR). Pavilion N3 , photo 2013

танковый музей в Кубинке

Pavilion N3, archives photo 90’s

This pavilion is most changed till  2014. Recently, the right half of the pavilion has been cleared from the lungs of Soviet tanks (pre-war) and organized the games site for the bench moving models. The former exhibits of the pavilion are scattered in different places, including 15 kilometers (in the park, «The Patriot» and repair hangars). We display the official exhibits catalog, which were here in the years since  1972 till 2014, and the archival and the modern photos of this pavilion.

танковый музей КубинкаPavilion N3 entrance, 2015 photo

советские легкие танки и сау

The Hall N3 (soviet light tanks, AG and carriers (BMD) , archive photo at 2002, no more…

танковый музей КубинкаHall N3, the modern view in 2015. Note the right side was changed into the scale-model polygon

Some of the exhibits of this Hall:

The pavilion is especially represented by the VDV (descent paratroops, nickname «Uncle Vasia» units) AV  from the creation to the modern Russian army

бронетехника ВДВ десантных войск

Paratrooper vehicles of USSR and Russian Ferderation, photo 2015

легкий плавающий танк ПТ-76, танковый музей Кубинка

light tank PT-76, amphibian. Cold war period