Soviet Heavy Tanks and Assault Guns

Tank museum, Kubinka, Soviet Heavy Tanks and Assault Guns — Pavilion N 1 exhibits.

Советские тяжелые танки и самоходные установки

Soviet heavy tanks and assault gunsm pavilion N1

советские тяжелые танки

Soviet heavy tank IS-3 near the entrace of the Pavion N1

советские тяжелый танки

soviet heavy tank IS-3 near the pavilion N1, archive photo

The building houses a collection of Soviet heavy tanks, as a serial, and experienced

советские тяжелые танки и самоходные установки

Pavilion N1 , the soviet heavy tanks and heavy assault  guns

some well-known exhibits of the pavilion

Советский тяжелый танк Т-35

Soviet heavy tank T-35, Kubinka museum

Soviet heavy tank T35. It was the most powerful of weapons and the world’s only five-turret tank. The crew — a whole football team — 11 people.

Советская тяжелая самоходная установка СУ-14

Soviet heavy assault  gun SU-14-2 (Kubinka museum)

The heavy self-propelled gun SU-14-2 (N2). During the «Battle of Moscow», when the front passed 6 kilometers from Kubinka, this monster took part in repelling the attack of Nazi forces, producing the shelling 22 kilometers directly to the landfill site

Советская тяжелая самоходная установка СУ-100У

Soviet heavy assault gun SU-100U, Kubknka museum

Soviet heavy self-propelled gun SU-100U M1939, only one sample

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Tank museum an official catalogue*, P1 exhibits, (Soviet heavy tanks and Assault guns). (Copyright Mikhail Blinov).

N Model Object Year of Issue Name Factory Type 
1 T-35 1933 Heavy tank standard
2 SU-14-2 1939 Assault Gun unique
3 SU-100 U 1939 Assault Gun unique
4 KV-85 1943 Heavy tank on the base KV1 S standard
5 SU-152 1943 Assault Gun standard
6 IS-2 M 240 M 1943 Heavy tank standard
7 ISU-130 249 1944 Assault Gun unique
8 IS-3 703 1945 Heavy tank standard
9 ISU-152 704 1945 Assault Gun unique
10 IS-4 701 1947 Heavy tank standard
11 IS-7 260 1948 Heavy tank unique
12 T-10 730 1950 Heavy tank standard
13 ISU-152 241 1943/56 Assault Gun standard
14 T-10 M 734 1957 Heavy tank standard
15 ISU-152 M 241 M 1943/59 Assault Gun standard
16 266 1957 Heavy tank on the base T-10 unique
17 SU-152 268 1956 Assault Gun on the base T-10 unique
18 277 1957 Heavy tank unique
19 279 1957 Heavy tank unique
20 770 1957 Heavy tank unique
21 SU-100 416 1952 Assault Gun (Covered) unique
22 SU-100 P 105 1949 Assault Gun unique
23 BTR 112 1949 Tracked Armored Carrier unique
24 SU-152 G 108 1949 Assault Gun unique
25 SU-152 P 116 1949 Assault Gun unique
26 SU-152 120 1965 Assault Gun (Covered) unique
27 SG-152 Akatzia 2S3 1969 Assault Howitzer standard
28 SU-152 Giatsint 2S5 1974 Assault Gun standard
29 IS-3 M 703 M 1957/60 Heavy tank (outside) standard

*we dispplay the list of all exhibits existed in Hall N1 since 1972 till 2014

Since 2015 some vehicles were moved into park «Patriot» and other places (including the repairing factories and Halls)