Soviet Heavy Tanks and Assault Guns (self-propelled guns)

Tank museum, Kubinka, Soviet Heavy Tanks and Assault Guns — Pavilion N 1 exhibits.

Советские тяжелые танки и самоходные установки

Soviet heavy tanks and assault gunsm pavilion N1

советские тяжелые танки

Soviet heavy tank IS-3 near the entrace of the Pavion N1

советские тяжелый танки

soviet heavy tank IS-3 near the pavilion N1, archive photo

The building houses a collection of Soviet heavy tanks, as a serial, and experienced

советские тяжелые танки и самоходные установки

Pavilion N1 , the soviet heavy tanks and heavy assault  guns

some well-known exhibits of the pavilion

Советский тяжелый танк Т-35

Soviet heavy tank T-35, Kubinka museum

Soviet heavy tank T35. It was the most powerful of weapons and the world’s only five-turret tank. The crew — a whole football team — 11 people.

Советская тяжелая самоходная установка СУ-14

Soviet heavy assault  gun SU-14-2 (Kubinka museum)

The heavy self-propelled gun SU-14-2 (N2). During the «Battle of Moscow», when the front passed 6 kilometers from Kubinka, this monster took part in repelling the attack of Nazi forces, producing the shelling 22 kilometers directly to the landfill site

Советская тяжелая самоходная установка СУ-100У

Soviet heavy assault gun SU-100U, Kubknka museum

Soviet heavy self-propelled gun SU-100U M1939, only one sample

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