Soviet Armored Cars and Carriers, Kubinka museum Pavilion N4 exhibits

Tank museum (Kubinka). Soviet Armored Cars and Carriers (BTR, BMP), Pavilion N 4

Armored vehicles of World War two, Cold War and the Local Conflicts

Советские бронеавтомобили, бронетранспортеры, боевые машины пехоты.

Soviet armored cars, carriers (BTR, BMP) pavilion N4. Tank museum (Kubinka)

Entrance to the Pavilion of the Soviet armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. In the foreground is an exact copy of the armored cars used for the filming of movies and parade in honor of the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution (1967). Pay attention to the color of the Day tanker armored car has become more historical (see color earlier. Photo below)


In 1917, the leader of the world proletariat, comrade Lenin spoke at this armored in Petrograd about the revolution in Russia

танковый музей в Кубинке

Pavilion  N4. Archives photo

For the Tank crew Day- 2014 museum organized the corner «living history», which presents the classic exposition of military museums — mannequins with uniforms. Next to the armored car of the Great Patriotic War (the initial period) samples of military uniforms of the tank and armored forces units during the  period 1935-1942.

униформа танкистов и бронечастей периода Великой Отечественной войны

WWII tank and the armored vehicle uniform (replica). Tank museum (Kubinka)

Restored as correct (authentic) painting  on the AV of the different historical periods, including the «cold war»

советские броне-автомобили

Historical camouflage (restored)

The pavilion N4 shows armored vehicles (infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers — BTR, BMP), the armament of the Russian army and the experemental samples — period of the USSR

Боевая Машина Пехоты БМП-1

Object N769. Experienced infantry fighing vehicle based on BMP-1. Tank museum (Kubinka)

Боевая Машина Пехоты - БМП

to be continued…

Tank museum an official catalogue*, P4 exhibits, (Soviet armored Cars and Carriers, BTR — amphibious armoured personnel carriers , BMP -Soviet amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicles ). (Copyright Mikhail Blinov, please make the link if reffered).

N —  Model  —         Object —     Year of Issue —   Name —  Factory Type — comments

1. БА-27, 1931, armored car, serial

2. БА-3, 1934, armored car, serial

3. ПБ-4, 1935, amphibious armored car, small serie

4. БА-6, 1935, armored car, serial

5. БА-21, 1939,  light armored car, the one sample

6. КСП-76, 1944, rolled self-propelled gun, the one sample

7. БТР-152, 1950,  armored carrier, serial

8. ЗТПУ-2 на БТР-152А, 1950, anti-aircraft gun on the BTR-152A base, serial

9. ЗТПУ-4 на БТР-152, 1955, anti-aircraft gun on the BTR-152 base, the small serie

10. БТР-152В, 1955, armored carrier, serial

11. БТР-152В-1, 1957, armored carrier, serial

12. БТР-152К, 1959, armored carrier, serial

13. ЗИЛ-153, 1959, infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample

14. БТР-40, 1950, armored carrier, serial

15. ЗТПУ-2 на БТР-40А, 1950, anti-aircraft gun ZTPU-2 on the BTR-40A base, serial

16. БТР-40А, 1969, Rail road armored carrier, small serie

17. БТР-40Б, 1957, armored carrier (armor covered), serial

18. БТР-40В, 1956, armored carrier, the small serie

19. БРДМ-1, 1957, BRDM — amphibious Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle, serial

20. БРДМ-2, 1962, BRDM — amphibious Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle, serial

21. БТР-60П, BTR amphibious armored carrier, serial

22. БТР-60ПА, 1963, BTR amphibious armored carrier, serial

23. БТР -60 ПБ (-50П,) 1965, BTR — amphibious armored carrier, serial

24. ГАЗ-50, 1971, infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample

25. БТР-60ПЗ, 1974,  BTR — armored carrier, the small serie

26. БТР-70, 1972, BTR- armored carrier, serial

27. БТР-80, 1984, BTR- armored carrier, serial

28. БРЭМ, 1988, BREM — armored repair and recovery vehicle, serial

29. БМП, Object1200, 1964, BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample

30. БМП, Object 19, 1965, BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample serial (?)

31. БМП, Object 911, 1964, BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample

32. БМП, Object 914, 1966, BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample

33. БМП-1, Object 765, 1981,  BMP-1 — infantry fighting vehicle, serial

34. БМП-1К, Object 773, 1971, BMP-1K-  infantry fighting vehicle, serial

35. БМП-1КШ, Object 774, 1972, BMP-1KSh- Command-staff infantry fighting vehicle, serial

36. БМП-2, Object 769, 1974, BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample

37. БМП-1Г, Object 681, 1977, BMP-1G infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample

38. БРЭМ-2, 1982, BREM-2 — armored repair and recovery vehicle on BMP-1 base, serial

39. БМП-2, Object 680, 1972, BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample

40. БМП-2Д, Object 675, 1981, BMP-2D infantry fighting vehicle, serial

41. — , Object  688, 1981, BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample

42. БМП-3, Object 609, 1989, BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle, serial

out of catalogue (receveid later)

БМП, Object  768, 1972, BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample

BTR-80 — armored carrier, serial

*catalogue was maden in USSR period, could be the changed and not-correct ID

Since 2015 some exhibits were moved into the parc «Patriot» and other places (temporary not-origine pavilions, the repairing pavilons etc)