Soviet military cars, Patriot park

Soviet and Russian military car exhibition, museum complex, Patriot park.

Military parade cars:

  • ZIL-115 V (cabriolet) M1981 (3 cars only)  for the Red Square military parade (Minister of Defense)
  • GAZ-14-05 (cabriolet) M1977-1989, small amount VIP car
  • GAZ-24 (cabriolet) , small amount (4 cars) for the Military district parades

Serial and rare military cars:

  • LUAZ-967 (TPK) , amphibious  car on chassis ZAZ-967
  • LUAZ-1901 «Geolog» , M1998
  • GAZ-69, military car,
  • GAZ-69A
  • UAZ-469 armored version, M1972
  • UAZ-3172 «Wagon» , experimental military car


  • Moskvich-401-420, military/ civilian car, M1954
  • GAZ-31105 «Rida» on the Volga 105 chassis M2004
  • GAZ-14 «Chaika» , soviet car for VIP
  • ZIL-41047, M1985, produced by the small amount for VIP till 2002