Restoration of the historic military vehicles: tanks, trucks, cars

Restoration of tanks & armored vehicles found on the WWII battlefields and the AV from the tank museum out of Service

Under the supervision of the Museum and technical support GABTU, with the participation of a number of search and restoration of clubs is currently being further restoration found in the field of military armored vehicles

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Restoration of the vehicles from the museum collection.
Most of the exhibits (historical) museum going for a long time only to study, test and tasks of the Ministry of Defence, 38 NIIIT. Tank museum received the Arnored vehicles, found after the battles, including the famous Battle of Kursk,  with the range  of damage. For a long time until the creation of closed pavilions all the armored vehicles were on the open air: rain, snow and temperature effects. As a result of the above,  a lot od items were lost, such as the lights and accessories. Through the efforts of the museum staff and searchers performed work on the equipment lost parts. (Author of the portal, for example, found a field of battle, and gave the museum the missing item, ie the gun mantle result for the armored car BA).
Some of the exhibits of the museum immediately after receiving them as trophies, were in working condition. Museum staff in cooperation with enthusiastic volunteers, over the past few years have restored part of the historic art to the running state. The reconstruction of technology continues to this day. The supervisor — R.Alymov.
The restoration and prospecting work involved and the military-patriotic youth union of the military town Cuban (head of Lieutenant Colonel. Kobyakov.)
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