Foreign tanks and Armored vehicles Kubinka collection

Tank museum, Kubinka. French, Japan, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, South Africa, Poland, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Chinese  armored vehicles, Pavilion N 7 exhibits.

WWI-WWI, cold war. Foreign tanks, armored cars and other vehicles.

танковый музей в КубинкеСHall N 4 exhibits. Japan, French, Italy, Hungary, China ect. AV. The vew at 2015

танковый музей в Кубинке

Pavilion N7, archives photos 199X-s

Some modern types of exhibits and archives photos of the pavilion:

танковый музей в КубинкеFrench tank Reault FT-17 and other AV

FT-17 was a participant of WWI in Europe, the Russian Civil War including 1918-1922 at Russian Far East -Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. Later, Reault FT-17 was a participian of the Chinees Civil War and the Great Pasofic War against Japan

With this series of French tank the Soviet tank building began (see. Tank M — «Russian Renault»)

Японские танки

WW2 Japan tank. Color at 2013

японские танки, музей в Кубинке

Historical colors at 200X-s, no more. Archives photo

Museum official catalogue


  • Renault FT-17, 1917 г.,  light tank, serial
  • Renault UF, 1931, tracked carrier
  • Renault R-35, 1935 г., light tank
  • Hotchkiss H-39, 1939, light tank
  • Somua S-35, 1935г., medium tank
  • АМХ-13 (B),  1951 г.,  light tank
  • Panhard AMD-35, 1935 г., armored car

South African Republic (under French license  + own modernization)

  • Panhard AML 245A, 1959, armored car with 60 mm. mortar and 2 machine guns
  • Panhard AML 245C, 1961, armored car with 90 mm. gun and 2 machine guns
  • » — »         AML 245B (AML-H90),  » — » with  90 mm. gun и 1 machine gun


  • Fiat-Ansaldo CV- 33 (?35),   1933, tankette
  • Fiat -Ansaldo L6-40, 1939, light tank


  • Landsverk L60A, 1934, light tank (? Hungarian Toldi — I )
  • Landsverk — Anti LVKV 40,  1940, 40 mm. anti-aircraft assault gun


  • T-84, 1987, (soviet T-72 license)


  • T-59 , 1963 (soviet T-54A medium tank), Hall N7  N2


  • BREM «Cz»,  Object 729,  1974, repairing — evacuation AV on BMP-1 Hall N7  N2
  • OT-810, 1941, half-tracked armored carrier Hall N7  Patriot park
  • OT-62 , 1964, amphibious tracked carrier on the base BTR-50PK
  • LT-38  «Prague», 1938, light tank
  • AG 75 mm «Hetzer», 1943, assault gun on base LT-38 «Prague» Hall N7  N6


  • 38M «Toldi», 1938 , light tank on chassis «Landsverk» L60 M1936
  • Turan II, 1941, medium tank on the chassis Czech Sk-2A
  • 40/43M Zrinyi, 1942 105 mm Assault howitzer on chassis Turan

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*Thank to «re-organization the Hall N7 is CLOSED. There are no more united France, Japan, Hungarian… collections one place and shown in the progress of the development. All exhibits are located in the different halls and sites. Ask your guide.