Танковый музей в Кубинке

военно-исторический музей бронетанкового вооружения и техники

энциклопедия авто- бронетехники

Tank museum, Kubinka

military-historical museum of the armored vehicles and equipments, Russia

all about military cars and armored vehicles

Soviet Heavy Tanks and Assault Guns, Pavilion N 1.

Soviet heavy tank

Pavilion N1 entrance.  10 heavy IS-3 were in the Battle for Berlin (testing) and 52 on the Allies parade September 9, 1945...

Some famous exhibits:


Soviet heavy tank T-35

Another view of KV

The soviet heavy tank T35. 5 turrets, 11 members the crew...


soviet heavy assault gun

Soviet heavy Assault Gun SU-14/2


4 tracks tank

Object 279 (1957) Troyanov super- heavy tank with double treads. (Made especially for the battlefields such as Norway)


Soviet heavy Assault Gun SU-152g

Soviet heavy Assault Gun SU-152G, object N108 (N24)


All exhibits of Pavilion N1 ...




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