Celebrations, military parades, ww2 military-historical reenactment, gun shows

Celebrations, parades, military-historical reenactment in tank museum and outside of the museum area. Tank crew day, Victory Day, «Battle of Prokhorovka»  and other anniversaries

День танкиста-2014

Tank crew day — 2014, tank museum (Kubinka)

День танкиста, Кубинке

Tank crew day- 2013. Tank museum (Kubinka)

In accordance with the annual plan of the museum, as well as in accordance with the activities carried out GABTU, the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Culture and other federal or regional authorities, the museum holds or takes part in various festivals, historical parades and memorial events.
Major annual events are:

  • Tank crew Day — the main celebration of armored forces — GABTU (second Sunday of September)
  • February 23 — Day of the Red / Soviet Army, Defender of the Fatherland Day
  • 6 May — St. George’s Day, patron of the Russian army
  • May 9 Victory Day
  •  July 12 Kursk and the battle of Prokhorovka 1943
  • November 7 — parade on Red Square to commemorate the «Battle for Moscow» 1941
  • December 5 — counteroffensive near Moscow 1941

During holidays and days of special events the museum offers the following additional options:

  • demonstration ride quality of historical armored vehicles
  • opportunity to get acquainted with some samples inside
  • Meeting with veterans of the Armed Forces and armored forces
  • music festivals and concerts of military songs
  • sale of souvenirs and other military-historical products
  • Exhibition of military-patriotic clubs and associations search
  • outdoor kitchen, barbecue and hot meals

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