Moscow park Patriot history

Goals and objectives of the park, «Patriot»

It was decided to create a «Patriot» park with the following objectives on the basis of this unique infrastructure of the military-political leadership of the country and targets:

  • demonstration and promotion of the glory of Russian weapons from the ancient to modern times
  • listing the achievements of Russian science and technology in the military sphere
    demonstration of the dynamic properties and advertising at the international level Russian military equipment sales to various countries
  • professional development of the personnel carrying out national and international competitions
  • international conferences on cooperation in the military-technical sphere
    establishment of a permanent exhibition complex modern equipment MIC
  • military-patriotic education of youth and citizens of Russia
  • advertising services contract in the Russian Armed Forces
  • employment and the use of the experience of the Armed Forces veterans after the dismissal of military-patriotic work
  • creating leisure center, recreation and rehabilitation of the military servicemen and members of their families
  • internal tourism development of military-patriotic
  • strengthening the country’s economy through the development of the reception of foreign tourists from Europe and Asia, including China as a strategic partner
  • the creation of military-technical area for festivals, celebrations and events, etc.

The quick history of the area and thebuilding

  • 2014 the beginning of construction of the park, deforestation in the military area, cleaning the space
  • 2015 construction of the exhibition halls and  center, the first forum «Army 2015 (June), an exhibition of the modern and the historical military vehicles and equipment at the outdoor site
  • 2016 construction of «partisan village» sector aerospace forces holding the forum «Army 2016» (September)

Парк Патриот