Military vehicles museum, Russia

If you’d like to see the all soviet AV collection, you can visit also the other military-historical museum.

Located in the Moscow region, only 1 hour from the Russian capital, the  State military vehicles museum has one of the largest in Russia and even in the World collection in the categories:

  • Soviet military vehicles of pre-, WW2 and the Cold War period
  • Soviet special service vehicles (anti- fire service), pre-, WW2 and Cold War era
  • Soviet civilian (taxi) and military cars, pre-, World War Two and USSR till 1991
  • Engines (motors), auto lights, devices, instruments
  • Auto  production machines
  • Germany, USA, France WW2 military vehicles collection
  • 1910-1940 large collection of World cars including the special
  • Artillery, WW2 and Local Wars: cannons and Assault guns

Also, the museum has a very rare and interesting vehicles such as:

  • OT-34 (legendary T-34 early with 76,2 mm cannon and the flamethrower device instead the normal 7.62 mm machine-gun
  • Reconnaissance Spacecraft/ airplane optical-electronical   destroyer on T-72 chassis
  • Soviet «Flying saucer» EKIP (? based on WW2 German V-2X secret airspace craft)

Location: Moscow region, area — not restricted, 1-1,5 hours by a car from Moscow

Open for the visitors: Wednesday -Sunday (as the request in advance), 10.00 — 17.00

How to visit
Guided tour from Moscow. The same like to Kubinka (the distance from Moscow, the duration, the start/ finish time, the charges — PAX 1= about 250$, PAX 2= 140$, PAX 3= 100$)

Book the tour from Moscow; the car and the military guide service

calculate the charges, to discuss the program and the  available dates, send the name, ages and the special interests (old cars, AV, scale models, re-enactment etc.)