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World largest armored vehicles collection

Kubinka tank museum has the world largest collection of the soviet tanks, WWII German armored vehicles and, event, the Japanese Great Pacific war tanks. Some vehicles were produced by the Soviet Empire , some vehicles were captured by Red Army as the World War Two trophies. The WWII British/ American «lend-Lease» supplies there are also in this museum. Some tanks were found on the battlefields 60 years after the war…. Gorby «perestroika» let do the exchange with the «Cold War» enemies, and the museum has also the foreign «new» tanks of 60-70-s years.

Немецкий тяжелый танк Т-VI "Тигр"

German T-VI «Tiger»

Archives, library and the virtual exhibitions

Первые русские танки, проект Лебеденко

The first Russian tanks: Lebedenko

Unfortunately, many historical examples of auto-armored vehicles were lost due to various reasons. We hope that in the future they will be reconstructed. At the moment we are a virtual exhibition of the missing items.

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