How to visit Kubinka museum. Tickets, tours from Moscow

Information for the foreign visitors of the tank museum at Kubinka. Note the New Rules!

Location: Moscow region, Kubinka **(about 1 hour by car from Moscow). Military polygon  area and Tamanskaya motorized division.
Status: state, military, Defense Ministry (Russian Army)
Access*: restricted military area
Open: Tuesday  — Friday  10.00-18.00 (winter 17.00), Saturday — Sunday 10.00 -19.00 (winter 18.00)
Guide service: Civilians or ex. military officers, armored forces veterans.  Ask in advance . More about the situation with ex. military officer guide service…
Services: photos (no professional/technical) are available for additional charges, for private purposes only, for the commercial / business purposes are prohibited
Special categories of the visitors: military, professional model makers and journalists have to inform in advance during the request to PR department .
Hot line:  In accordance with the traditions of the Soviet (Russian) Army Museum officials do not speak English. In English you will speak only on the phone listed here online +79850164530
The special events: «Victory Day» May 1,2,3,4,9,10,11, «D-day»:  6-13 June 2004,   «The begin of Soviet- German War» June 22 and Tank crew Day in September … The special program, tank rides, re-enactment… Check the list…
Warning! Some days the whole museum or halls in HQ (such as German tanks etc.) or in other military areas (such as Patriot Park) could be CLOSED without any notification. The reason — the moving to the new hangars or the official delegations or no light/ electricity)
The Access to Military-historical Sites. NEW!
Foreigners should note that the state special authority permission is required in 5-6  weeks before visit.  Only your passport (ID) and the 1 copy (photo or xerox) you must give to the officer at the entrance. (the cash-desk with the money)  Since 2017 May 1, not required
You can visit museum without the request in 5-6 weeks advance!
* Any attempts of the  citizens of NO Russian Federation (including former-USSR) to visit the sites outside of the museum could be qualified as the UNAUTHORIZED  ACCESS. The violator could be accused in the ESPIONAGE. In all halls there’re the video-camera control and the FSB (former KGB) officials. .

танковый музей в Кубинке

**A difficult system of the local trains network  and the lack of ads in Russian can lead to the fact that a tourist without knowledge of Russian language can be in a different location remote from Moscow. Sometimes being in the platform of the RR station and even inside of the local train  wagons («electrichka») as unaccompanied way may not be safe. Especially the Asian type tourists  from China, Malaysia, Japan .. Foreigners are very attracted to crime. For your security it is recommended to use a Russian speaking escort or the car with the English speaking driver (or guide)

Центральный Музей Бронетанкового Вооружения и Техники

Charges: excursion + entrance tickets:
Standard excursions — 4500 / 6500 Rbs (English/ China*)  duration  2-3 hours (tank area) or 60-90 min (Patriot park)
Entrance  fee for non-Russian citizenship: Tuesday — Friday — 1500 Rbs (ap.23 USD),  Saturday — Sunday —1700 Rbs (ap.28 USD). Each photo (video) camera — 350 Rbs (ap.6 USD).
Since May 1-st 2017  fee is decreased, but you have to pay separately for all sites (400 Rbs for HQ, 500 Rbs for Patriot park, 300 Rbs for VKS, 200 Rbs for Partisan village etc.)

* Chinese speaking guide is temporary not available

Tours from Moscow to museum.
There are two main types of recommended tours from Moscow.

  • Tour by car with a guide from Moscow. You hire a car with an English speaking guide who will take you in the hotel in Moscow, transfer to the museum, organizes a tour and take you back to your hotel or restaurant. More…

Combined tours: HQ museum (Kubinka) plus park «Patriot»
The big part of the tank museum collection was moved to the new location in «Patriot park» military area. Learn more… We recommend to visit whole area/ collection (the charges are the same, no extra fee!). Visit the museum in this case (by a car), can be combined with a visit to the park «The Patriot», which is part of the museum collection, and where public transport is very difficult to reach. You can combine a visit to the tank museum in conjunction with the visit of the park «Patriot»,  other military-historical museums: «Lenin-Snegiri» open air AV museums,  museum of the tank T-34 or even Prokhorovka (the tank battle for Kursk) museum etc.

  • combined tour by car with a guide: museum (Kubinka) + park «Patriot» + the partisan village and other sights, more…


Calculate your charges and book the guide/ car. Send the request as following form:
— Name/ last name for each visitors, age (dates of birth)
— Nationality (citizenship)
— Company / position
— Relatives with military/ professional scale model makers/ journalism (mass-media including web)
— dates of your visit (additionally the range of the dates if the your date is not available)

Additional optional helpful information:
— tank/AV knowledge (basic / middle/ advanced)
— priority: WW2, Cold War, German, Soviet, Japan, Hungarian …
— sport facilities: able to walk whole day with some cafe breaks
— wish to visit the Partisan village: WW2  NKVD and Diversion mission history  + military cooking
— wish to visit the Military Space Hall: Cold war history, from Gagarin to the Moon

Book the tour from Moscow ; the car and the military guide service