Kubinka tank museum tour from Moscow, FAQ’s

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)/ How to visit Museum, the charges etc.

Tanks and AV in action, the special events etc.

The special dates (see the schedule of the events) you can see the AV in the action. Learn more…

Tour to Kubinka museum / Patriot park from Moscow by a car with the guide  learn more about guides and the museum «news»…
Instead of the public transport (difficult and dangerous without the Russian language) you can hire a car with a guide (Traditional since 1996 year way to visit the museum). It saves your time (the way by the car takes about 1 hour only). The road passes through the traditional military-historical zone. Your guide tells the story of the creation of the first Russian and Soviet tanks, the history of the tank museum in Kubinka, as well as about the collections of the armored cars/tanks/AV in the Moscow region and other cities. The guide will take a sightseeing tour on the museum pavilions (3-4 hours, time is not limited!)
To see the whole tank museum collection,  you will visit also the second part of the tank museum located in the park «Patriot», 15 km from Kubinka (see. In more detail below), the second half of the day after the lunch (2-3 hours till the area will be closed)
Duration: one day. Guide will meet you at 8.30 a.m. at your hotel, you will be back in the hotel 19.30-20.00
Bonus:  during the way you will see: Kutuzov str.- comrade Brezhnev and KGB chief Andropov house, Stalin era buildings, Arc of Triumph, Victory park etc. The mini-excursion by the car with guide around the historical area of Moscow is not available for tourists)
Total charges, approximately, for the main sites of Kubinka HQ + Patriot park:
For 1 person — 250 usd, the group of 2 persons – 140 usd for each and for the group of 3 persons —100 usd.
All charges include the entrance fees, the permissions for the photo (video) camera, sightseeing tour around the museum/ patriot park and 2 excursions with the military guide in English, the car with a driver (gasoline and parking) from/ to hotel or any your point.

Calculate the value and facility, please send a request for calculation (or reservation) with the number of people visiting, desired dates and the name of the hotel (if already booked) Write us (English, French or Chinese) at this mail or fill out the contact form.


Send the request as following form:
— Name/ last name for each visitors, age (dates of birth)
— Nationality (citizenship)
Company / position (optional since 2017 may)
— Relatives with military/ professional scale model makers/ journalism (mass-media including web)
— dates of your visit (additionally the range of the dates if the your date is not available)

Additional optional helpful information:
— tank/AV knowledge (basic / middle/ advanced)
— priority: WW2, Cold War, German, Soviet, Japan, Hungarian …
— sport facilities: able to walk whole day with some cafe breaks
— wish to visit the Partisan village: WW2  NKVD and Diversion mission history  + military cooking
— wish to visit the Military Space Hall: Cold war history, from Gagarin to the Moon


We DO NOT recommend the tour with the young children and the old people (or invalides). The reason: you have to walk whole day and the new strong road police rules for the car. Please, inform us in advance. If you really want it — we will try to help you and schedule the special program (additional charges for the children seat as request)

How to see the whole collection of Kubinka tank museum

Some exhibits of the World famous Kubinka tank museum collection are «temporary» located in the branches, the local museums or in the other federal military museums. F.e., the pre-WW2 heavy KV-1 and KV2 «temporary» since 1972 years are in the Army museum. The T-34 was provided for the Prokhorovka battlefield exhibition.
Some USSR (and trophies) military vehicles are missing in Kubinka, but you can see ones in the other military museums. See the list below.

If you’d like to see the whole Kubinka (or even Soviet AV) collection and learn more about WW2 history, we recommend you:

Combined 2-day tour: museum (Kubinka) + park «Patriot» + WW2 battlfield.

The Patriot park is really too large. The express- tour to Patriot park could be combined with the Kubinka HQ in the one day. But.. If you’d like to visit the Patriot park for whole day, you can to visit separately:

  • Park «Patriot» — all main sites (AV collection, avia-, bikes, partisan village etc.) — 2nd day
  • Kubinka HQ +»Battle for Moscow»  WW2 battlefield + Lenino-Snegiri historical military museum — 1st day

Historical-military museums in Moscow

Not restricted, you can reach it by the metro or taxi by yourself (our English speaking military guide as the request)

  • Central Armored Forces museum  — ex. Soviet Army museum (KV-1, KV-2, WW1 armored car etc.)
  • Victory Park (Poklonnaya gora), WW2 tank, AV and aircraft museum
  • Old cars and trucks museum (Moscow)

All other tank/ vehicle  museums in Moscow region takes the separate trip from 5-6 hours + (see the list and ask your our experts)

  • Military Vehicle museum (Chernogolovka) (real UFO aircraft, OT-34, spacecraft fighter AV, engineering AV, WW1-WW2 old cars  etc.
  • T-34 tank museum  (+ WW2 battle for Moscow North-West tour)
  • Vehicle museum (Krasnogorsk)

All tank/ vehicle museums outside of Moscow region

23 февраля День защитника Отечества

WWII vehicles in the action on the state holydays