German heavy tank T-VIH Tiger 1

Tank museum in Kubinka, Hall N6 exhibit list (Auto and armored Nazi Germany — Third Reich)

German heavy tank T-VI H «Tiger» 1, 1942, a heavy tank, serial — (as the official catalog)

Designed by «Henschel» in 1942. Serially produced from 1942 to 1945.

Heavy tank PzKpfw VI Ausf.E «Tiger» (as the expert opinion)
best heavy tank of the Second World War

Немецкий тяжелый танк Т-VI "Тигр"

Kubinka tank museum tank T-VI «Tiger»

Tactical technical characteristics of tank T-VI

  • Weight — 56,9 tons
  • Crew — 5 people
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height),) — 8240 х 3550 х 2880 mm.
  • Weaponry:  cannon — 1 piece,  caliber — 88 mm., ammunition -92 shots
  • machine gun — 2 pieces,  caliber — 7,92 mm., ammunition -5700 shots
  • The armor protection, front and turret — 100 mm.
  • Engine power — 650 hp
  • Maximum speed — 40 km / h
  • Cruising on the highway — up to 100 km.
  • Underwater driving — yes

T-VI «Tiger»  tank design features

Base — the original

The overall layout — typical for the German tanks during the Second World War (the engine located in the rear of the chassis, power train — in the nose).

Weapons — The 88 mm. gun with a hydraulic lifting mechanism; a turret rotation by means of a hydraulic drive

Protection — the case of a welded, box-section with vertical front and the  side plates; homogeneous armor  (chrome nickel molybdenum), the average hardness of the finger jointed sheets.

Chassis — Engine 12-cylinder, V-type, carburetor, liquid cooling; lubrication system radiator (water — oil); main clutch  — nine disks running into the oil; without shaft  gearbox with synchronization device, is located in one housing with the main clutch and cinematically connected with the planetary rotation mechanism; the torsion bar suspension with a hydraulic shock absorbers on the front and the rear balancers