Tank museum, Kubinka. Soviet Medium Tanks and Assault Guns, Pavilion N 2

Tank Museum in Kubinka. pavilion N2

The Second World War, the «cold war» and «local conflicts»

Средние советские танки и САУ

Tank museum,  Kubinka. Pavilion «Soviet Medium tanks and Assault Guns»

Legendary soviet tank T-34-85 outside of pavilion

Note the appearance of the pavilion has changed a bit, before he looked like (photo below):

советские средние танки

Pavilion N2, archives photo

Советские средние танки и САУ

Soviet medium tanks & assault guns, in view of the pavilion for 2014 year.

The pavilion presents Soviet medium tanks and self-propelled guns from the legendary T-34 during World War II and ending with the main tank facing the Russian Army

советские российские средние танки

Soviet (Russian) medium tanks, photo 2014

средние советские танки

Pavilion 2, archives photo 2005

Some famous exhibits:

советские самоходные установки

Soviet assault guns on the bases of medium tanks

The pavilion also represented the Soviet self-propelled artillery of the Great Patriotic War (World War Two)

Советская самоходная установка СУ-100

Soviet assault gun SU-100 (N3)

Закрытая самоходная установка СУ-101 на базе Т-34

Covered assault gun SU-101 on the base T-34 (N6)

Средний танк Т-44

Soviet medium tank T-44 (N5)

At its base made some «Tigers»  of «Mosfilm» studio, depicting the German tanks in many domestic films …

Средний танк Т-55АД

Soviet medium tank T-55AD  (N18)

Medium Tank T-55AD (N18) with the famous system of active fire protection «Drozd» automatically destroys projectiles flew 10-15 meters to the tank. Russia has long been a world leader in the production of active protection systems tanks …

Зенитная самоходная установка ЗСУ-57-2

Soviet anti-aircraft vehicle ZSU-57-2 M1950 on the base T-54 (N11)

Ракетный танк на базе Т-64 (N24)

rocket tank on the base of T-64 (N24)

soviet Tank destroyer IT-1

Tank destroyer IT-1 on T-62 base (N19)

Средний танк Т-72

Soviet (Russian) midlle tank T-72 (N29)