Battle for Stalingrad, Kubinka Patriot park exhibition

Soviet and German WWII armored vehicles exhibition dedicated the Battle for Stalingrad from Kubinka tank museum collection. 1942

WW2 famous Battle for Stalingrad hall

Battle for Stalingrad armored vehicles hangar

Battle for Stalingrad hangar

other view of the Battle for Stalingrad exhibition

The AV catalogue of this hangar (at september 2016):

Anti-Stalin coalition

  • Pz.Kpfw. IV  middle tank with 75 mm. canon (Germany), in work condition
  • TYP DBS 10 (Sd.Kfz.8) Artillery heavy half-tracked  carrier 12 t.  (Germany, M1943)
  • Assault hautzer StuG-33 with 150 mm. canon (Germany) on the T-III base
  • «Reanault UE»  tracked  carrier (France)
  • «Fiat Ansaldo CV-35» the light tank (Italy)

Red Army

  • Mk II «Matilda III» infantry  British tank (Land-Lease for USSR)
  • M5A1 US light tank based on M5 chassie with M3 turret (Land Lease for USSR)
  • M3 half-tracked Personnel  carrier US («Scout car») , Land-Lease supplies
  • M3 «General Lee» the middle tank , US Land-Lease for USSR
  • T-60 light tank (USSR)
  • T-34 middle tank with 76 mm canon (USSR)

All armored vehicles are from Kubinka tank museum (from HQ 3, 5, 6 halls)

Other items:

  • German uniforns (replicas)
  • Red Army uniforms (replicas)
  • Red Army banners (originals from Army museum)