World War Two German Soviet armored vehicles, 1941

Soviet and German tanks and armored vehicles at the begin of the Great Patriotic War — Germany vs. USSR. The main vehicles of the Battle for Moscow etc. from the Kubinka tank museum collection.

the Battle for Moscow exhibition

1941 tanks and armored vehicles exhibition

Kubinka Patriot park tank museum

World War Two begin hangar, other view

The hangar catalogue of the exhibits:

Anti-Stalin coalition

  • Pz.Kpwg. I  — light tank (Germany)
  • Renault F-35 — light tank (France)
  • Half-tracked middle artillery carrier 8t. TYPKMMLL (SD.KFZ7) Krauss-Maffei M1943
  • Armored car Panhard AMD-35 (French, at German service)
  • Armored car (Germany) ?

Red Army

  • small amphibious tank T-37A
  • light infantry tank T-29 (M1933 2 turrets)
  • high speed rolled-tracked tank BT-2 (based on US christie tank chassis)
  • Light tank T-50
  • Light tank T-40s (ex. T-40 amphibious)
  • «Valentine — II»  Mk III infantry British tank (Land-Lease for USSR)

All armored vehicles are from Kubinka tank museum collection (from HQ 3, 5, 6, 7 hangars)

Additinal items:

  • German uniforms (replicas)
  • Red Army uniforms (replicas)
  • Red army banners (originals from the Army museum)