World War II, Battle for Kursk and Prokhorovka battlefield

The new exhibition dedicated to the Battle for Kursk-Orel and Prokhorovka tank battle (1943), based on Kubinka tank museum collection plus the artillery (GRAU and other museums)

Battle for Kursk-Orel-Belgorod

1943 Battle for Kursk — Orel — Belgorod hangar

Battle for Kursk -Orel-Belgorod hall

other view of Battle for Kursk-Orel-Belgorod hangar

The exhibit list of this hangar:

Red Army

  • KV-85G  soviet experimental («Object 238» august 1943 testing) heavy tank on the KV-1C base with 85 mm canon
  • M30 hautzer 122 mm. canon (M1938)
  • ZIS-3 Infantry division 76 mm.  canon (M1942)
  • SU-122  assault gun on the T-34 base (M1942 december)
  • SU-57 (T-48)  opened assault  gun on the US M3 half-tracked carrier (M1942), Lend-Lease supplies
  • M4A4 «Sherman» middle tank (US lend-lease for USSR)

Anti-Stalin coalition

  • «Ferdinand» anti-tank assault gun on Tiger (Porsche) base
  • Panzerwerfer 42 (Sd.Kfz.4/1) 150 mm Nebelwerfer 42 on the half-tracked carrier «Maultier»
  • Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.F  infantry tank
  • «Goliath»  (E-motor) mine small tracked carier (wire controlled torpedo)
  • «Goliath» (V-motor) same, tele-controlled torpedo
  • SCHWERE LADUNGSTRAGER (Sdkfz.301) radio-controlled mine carrier
  • Sturmpanzer IV «Brummbar» assault sturm 150 mm. gun on T-IV base
  • Sd.Kfz.250/1 light half-tracked carrier
  • German T-VI «Tiger»

Armored vehicles are from Kubinka tank museum (HQ halls 1, 5, 6)

Artillery exhibits provided by GABTU

Other exhibits:

  • Red Army banners (originals, from Army museum)

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