Kubinka Patriot park, Moscow Russia

Since October 2014, the Central Museum of armored vehicles and weapons (tank museum in Kubinka) is a branch of the park «Patriot», Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In the summer of 2016 a part of the tank museum exhibits, especially World War II, moved from Kubinka to the new places at the military park «Patriot». Since 2016 operates a comprehensive ticket to visit CMAVW Kubinka and the exhibition grounds of the park «Patriot»

«Patriot» park, aka «Military Disneyland: History, structure, objects.

For a long time a triangle with a base of almost 20 kilometers in the Soviet period between settlements Kobyakovo (near Golitsyno) — Kubinka — Naro-Fominsk took militarized restricted zone with arranged inside a tank training ground NIIBT38 and tank regiment, the 4th Guards Tank Kantimirovskoy Division and the 2nd Guards Motorized Rifle Taman Division. On one edge is a tank museum. From the Alabino is a cavalry horse (now President at FSO) regiment and military-technical base of «Mosfilm» (with its hundreds of historical and cinematic tanks and museum art) in this triangle. It is traditionally held the military-patriotic events and demonstrations of the soldiers and equipment of the Soviet Army at first, and then the Russian Armed Forces. Learn more about relative objects:

  • Kubinka «Patriot» park goals and objectives , the history of the area and the building
  • 2nd Guards Motorized rifle Taman division
  • 4th Guards tank Kantimirovskaya division
  • 45 paratrooper regiment (brigade), special forces
  • NIIBT38 tank testing area and the tank regiment
  • Mosfilm studio military base
  • Film horse, cavalry (now President at FSO) regiment

Park «Patriot». Structure and the main areas:

Congress and Exhibition Center

  • exhibition halls, the list of exhibit areas (visit available once a year, one week during forum «Army-2015», «Army -2016», «Army-2017»)
  • outdoor Playground (historical and modern vehicles exhibition)
  • The complex of office buildings
  • Transport terminal, parking and parking for VIP guests, helicopter pad
  • critical infrastructure
  • Cluster of military-industrial complex (MIC)
patriot park

Patriot park


  • salons
  • conference
  • forum «Army-2015»
  • forum «Army-2016»
  • forum «Army- 2017»
outdoor exhibition of Patriot park

outdoor exhibition of Patriot park

Demonstration sites, outside of CEC

  • Tank shooting range (Taman rifle division area) — visit available during forum «Army -2016», «Army-2017» or on the special events
  • Lake testing area (Taman rifle division area) — the same access
  • Aerodrome «Kubinka» — on the special events (national celebration or avia- shows)
  • Air-space & AV sector (the new location of 30% tank museum exhibits) — NEW ! available see «combined tours to tank museum from Moscow»

International Army International Games (IAG)

The zone of the military and historical reconstruction (re-enactment)

  • Patriotic War of 1812 and the Napoleonic Wars — not available
  • The First World War of 1914-1918 — n/a
  • The Great Patriotic War of 1941-45 (battlefield) n/a
  • WW2 partisan guerilla village (living history zone) — included into the «tank museum tour»

In the summer of 2017 put into operation, and stable running:

  • outdoor exhibition of military equipment, the historical and the modern in an open area, CEC
  • CEC halls during exhibitions and forums (Army 2016 Army in 2017, and so on.)
  • «Guerrilla village» — a historical reconstruction of the area in the rear of the Great Patriotic War enemy, partisan zone
  • The exhibition «Bronevagon» (self-propelled armored railroad vagon) and the locomotive of the Second World War

The opening of the main areas of the park is planned for 2017

Sites available for tourists, and how to visit:

  • «Partisan village» (as the 2nd site after tankmuseum-HQ combined tour) + armored train exhibition
  • Tank museum-2 , the part of Air-space sector (as 2nd site with express-excursion after tankmuseum-HQ combined)
  • Air-space sector: tankmuseum-2 + auto/truck + airspace hall + AV/Navy outdoor exhibition (whole day tour)

Check the new area / exhibit halls and you see, why we recommend 2-days combined tour (1 day for tankmuseum-HQ + «partisan village» , the 2nd day for the air-space sector: tankmuseum-2 + auto/truck + airspace hall + AV/Navy outdoor exhibition)