Kubinka Patriot park, air-space sector, spacecrafts

The military spacecrafts hall N1 exhibition

  • photo-reconnaissance satellites
  • communication satellites
  • satellite repeaters
  • rocket carriers
  • manned spacecrafts (Gagarin pilot cabine)
  • Lunokhod-2 (Moon carier)
Russian spacecrafts pavilion

Spacecraft hall at Kubinka Patriot park

Russian satellites pavilion

Kubinka Patriot park spacecraft exhibition

Gagarin spacecraft exhibition

Gagarin manned spacecrafts

Soviet spacecrafts at Kubinka park

Spacecrafts for Moon

The collection list of that hall, spacecrat names:

  • «Zenith-2»,  the first generation soviet photo-reconnaissance satellite based on «Vostok» module
  • «Lazur» (civilian nickname) the third generation soviet photo-reconnaissance satellite
  • «Vostok» (Gagarin manned spacecraft)
  • «SK-1» astronaut suit
  • «Glonass-M» (Russian national GPS, global navigation system) spacecraft
  • «Selena» Low orbit (800 km) Communication spacecraft
  • «Selena-2»  Low orbit (1500 km) Communication spacecraft
  • «Forpost» Low orbit (1000 km) Navy (submarine) navigation/ communication spacecraft
  • «Cyclone»  same as above
  • «Luch» retranslator communication satellite (36000 km geostationary orbit)
  • «Luch-2»  telecommunication satellite (36000 km geostationary orbit), for «Soyuz», «Progress» etc.
  • «Raduga 1M» multi-function (inc. TV) communication satellite (36000 km geostationary orbit)
  • «Lira» calibration (adjustment) satellite
  • «GEO-IK» geophysical / geodesic (gravity field measurement) satellite (low orbit -1500 km)
  • R7 carrier rocket (launch vehicle), Gagarin  booster (8K71), scale model
  • «Hangara», A1.1, A1.2, A3, A5.. heavy booster, scale models
  • «Cyclone»  booster, scale model
  • «Molnya-M»  — same
  • «Vostok-2M» — same
  • «Soyuz-2» — same
  • Spacecraft for Monkey (!)
  • «Lunakhod-1» (Moon carrier)
  • «Lunnik» Moon manned (!) soviet spacecraft