Kubinka Patriot park, air-space sector

The new (since September 2016) area: hangars + outdoor exhibition. Some hangars were built temporarily for the exhibition «The Army Forum-2016», but most of the rooms available for tourists (see combined tours). It also temporarily (? or permanently) is the new location of the tank museum’s collection — German and Soviet tanks of the Second World War and the soviet paratrooper AV. Some rooms are used once a year to showcase the products of military-industrial complex (tank simulators, military production plants — see forum «Army 2016»). Hall of Military Aerospace Technology General Command promised to leave permanently for the visitor access.

The structure of Air-space sector (location at September 2016)
Hangars (more that 14)

Patriot park tank museum aerospace

Patriot park aerospace sector

World War Two German Soviet tanks assault guns

WW2 soviet / german tanks and armored vehicles

soviet military spacecrafts

Military space «armored carriers» for the Moon battlefields 🙂

Outdoor exhibition of Aerospace sector

  • soviet / Russian anti-craft systems (PVO) C-300, C-400 etc.
  • soviet / Russian aircraft’s and helicopters

heliocopter exhibition at Patriot park Moscow

park Patriot tour from Moscow

aircrafts at outdoor exhibition

How to visit, the guided tours from Moscow
The access is restricted, the military area. Excursion for all hangars takes since 4 hours and more and may be whole day …

  • Air-space sector guided tour: tankmuseum-2 + auto/truck + airspace hall + AV/Navy outdoor exhibition (whole day tour from Moscow- recommended), learn more…
  • Tank museum combined tour: tankmuseum-HQ + Air-space sector (as 2nd site with express-excursion after  Kubinka tour from Moscow), learn more…