Japan tanks and armored vehicles — trophies from the north of China

Japanese tanks and armored vehicles from Kubinka tank museum collection*, pavilion N7 exhibits, the trophies from the north of China

  • Khalkhin Goal — Mongolia , the local conflict Red Army vs. Japan
  • The Great Pasific War in China
  • World War Two in  Manchuria (North China)

an extract from the museum exhibit catalog (**) , link at Russian txt but soon will be in English

Японские танки, Вторая Мировая война

Japan WWII tanks in the historical camo, photo-archives 2005

японские танки

Japanese tanks, painted as WWII, photo-archives 2005

бронетехника Японии

Japan AV in the historical camouflage, archival photo 2005 , no more existed

**-at 2017, the Hall N7 is closed (? temporary or not), all Japan AV exhibits are located in the other halls and sites. At the autumn 2017 location: Hall N 5 (HQ) and Hall N 12 (Patriot park). Ask your guide (military expert).

* — AV names are  presented like in the official (inside) military catalogue, because of the difficulties of Japanese symbols and labeling, the correct name to be specified