Танковый музей в Кубинке

военно-исторический музей бронетанкового вооружения и техники

энциклопедия авто- бронетехники

Tank museum, Kubinka

military-historical museum of the armored vehicles and equipments, Russia

all about military cars and armored vehicles

Information for foreign visitors. New Rules!

Location: Moscow region, Kubinka (about 1 hour by car from Moscow). Military Institution-Laboratory (NIIBT) area, see the history of museum.

Status: state, military, Defense Ministry (Russian Army)

Access*: restricted military area

Open: Tuesday  - Sunday 10.00-18.00

Guide service: Russian speaking officers, military historical & technical specialists.

Services**: photos (no professional/technical) are available for additional charges.

Special categories of the visitors: model makers and journalists have to inform in advance.

Hot line:  not available at this moment

The special events: "Victory Day" May 1,2,3,4,9,10,11, "D-day":  6-13 June 2004,   "The begin of Soviet- German War" June 22


Notes:   NEW!

The Access to Military-historical Sites

Access to Military-historical Sites is necessary for all foreign and Russian visitors.

Foreigners should note that the state special authority permission is required in 5-6  weeks before visit.


Only your passport (ID) and the 1 copy (photo or xerox) you must give to the officer at the entrance. (the cash-desk with the money)

You can visit museum without the request in advance!


The special information is required as follows:

1. The name of a museum from the list to visit

2. Visitor’s personal information (ex. John Dow)

3. Passport information (ex. ID12345678) and Date of Birth (DOB)

4. Citizenship

5. The date of arrival (as planned)

 The Access to Military-historical Sites is valid for 1 month.



* Any attempts of the  citizens of NO Russian Federation (including former-USSR) to visit museum with the Russian visitors could be qualified as the UNAUTHORIZED  ACCESS. The violator could be accused in the ESPIONAGE. In all halls there're the video-camera control and the FSB (former KGB) officials. Any attempts to leave your travel agent representative and to visit the next military instantiation area could be qualified as the unauthorized access too.

** Please, read carefully this information for the model makers and journalists.

  • The Russian military officials DO NOT LIKE the model makers (the regular violators of the museum rules)

  • Russian tank museum rules let make the USUAL NON-PROFESSIONAL photo- or VIDEO camera with YOU and the VEHICLE as the background  ONLY.

  • Camera is qualified as PROFESSIONAL with any glass (non-plastic) lens more that 10 mm diameter.

  • Usage the non-authorized or non-specializing travel agency for the tank museum tour could be the reason why you can not visit the military museum

  • Any attempt to HIDE your model maker photo- (video-) aim could be the reason of your withdraw  from your current and other military museums


Check the CATEGORY of your video- or photo- camera before to order the tour.

You have to inform the museum administration about the journalist aim of your visiting such as the publishing in the newspaper or magazines. Any violations of those rules could be the subjects of the International judgment.

The administration of the museum has the right to qualify the technical filming as the usual filming and let to pass the vehicle border in the case of the visitor  does inform in advance the administration about his aim and will write the "thank words" for the museum officials. Thank you.




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