Танковый музей в Кубинке

военно-исторический музей бронетанкового вооружения и техники

энциклопедия авто- бронетехники

Tank museum, Kubinka

military-historical museum of the armored vehicles and equipments, Russia

all about military cars and armored vehicles

History of Military-Historical Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment.

Tank museum, Kubinka, Russia, photo-history.

The history of the tanks collection is the history of the Armored Forces of the Red/ Soviet/ Russian Army

The end of the Great War. The revolution and Civil War in Russia. British/ USA, French and Japan intervention in Russia 1918-1922

Lenin   Trotsky, Red Army founder

Ulianov (Lenin). A head of Soviet Government. Trotsky, the Founder of the Red Guard, Red Army.

Red Army parade

Leo Trotsky at the military parade of Red Army

Red Army armored cars, Civil War

The Red Army detachment of the armored cars . October 1919, Yamburg. The fighting at North-West against the Russian Army of general Udenich and the German Allies leads by general von der Goltz. Russian armored cars made before and after the revolution 1917.

Red Army armored train

The armored train of the Red Army. Civil War and Intervention in Russia, 1918-1920

During the Civil War and British/ American/ French/ German Intervention in Russia  the Red Army captured several French and British tanks. Two Renault tanks was taken by Lenin's order to the Sormovski factory as a model for Soviet tanks

British tanks

The British tanks are captured by the Red Army in 1912 near the Novorossysk, the South of Russia.

Tanks of Russian White Army

The French tanks Renault FT-17 of the Russian White Army. The name of the first tank is "General Shkuro" (the leader of Cossacks anti-Bolshevik units since 1918 till 1945 ). See details about general Shkuro. 

first soviet tank

The small copy of the first soviet tank "The fighter for freedom the comrade Lenin". The original tank made by workers of the factory "Red Sormovo", 1920. This full-size "Russian Renault"  model  with the some original parts , is located near the Administrative building of Tank museum in Kubinka

In 31 August 1920 the first Soviet built tank, a 7 ton vehicle with 8-16mm thick armor was produced. During the 1920's the Red Army purchased many foreign examples of tanks to use as models for future domestic production. 

Soviet tank building before World War II.  

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Soviet tanks

World War II Lend-Lease & Trophies  

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German tanks



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