Exhibits, museum collection. Tanks, Assault Guns, Armored carriers

The collection of the museum, as it was since the formation before the reorganization in 2014*. New changes and locations also shown.

Note that we present photos of armored vehicles as it looks now, and archival photos with the historical painting as well.

Kubinka tank museum Headquater and the main hangars:

Kubinka tank museum the exhibitions at the new place at Patriot park: (new!)

Немецкая тяжелая самоходная установка СУ-600 "Тор"

German heavy AG SU-600 «Tor»

японские танки

Japan WW2 tanks in the historical camouflage (no longer, archives photo)

Kubinka tank museum collection other places:

  • Central Armored Forces museum (since 1972 KV-1, KV-2 etc.)
  • Prokhorovka battlefield museum (T-34 etc.)

*Since 2014, the «Museum of armored weapons and armored vehicles» is no longer. At the moment, it is a branch of patriotic park «Pariot». The collection is partially transferred to the territory of the park «The Patriot,» in 20 kilomentres from Kubinka (ex. testing area of Taman Inf.Div.)