Cold War tanks, Patriot park

The outdoor exhibition with the Cold War soviet tanks and armored carriers. Museum complex at Patriot park, Kubinka.

Outdoor exhibition. «Alive area» of Patriot park.

In this area you can climb up to tank and take the photo staying on the vehicle. All armored vehicles have the authentic color, Cold War era soviet «green protection»

Some exhibits:

  • T-54 soviet medium tank
  • T-62
  • T-64
  • T-72

soviet tanks, Cold war period, Patriot park, Moscow region

aerospace tour from Moscowoutdoor exhibition

Carriers, BTR

  • BTR-70 with the turret and the automatic grenade launcher (AGS-17)
  • MT LBU «Object 10» amphibious tracked armored carrier (civilian version), M196X
  • MTP A6, light armored carrier (long version), observation and evacuation vehicle
  • MT-M, small tracked carrier on chassis GAZ-3933 truck
  • GT-MU, light-armored tracked airborne carrier (GAZ design bureau)
  • MT-T, heavy carrier based on T-64 chassis (Morozov designer, Kharkov city)
  • GT-SM-1D tracked amphibious carrier on BTR-50 chassis  (GAZ design bureau)