British, USA, Canada Vehicles, Tanks and Carriers

Tank museum, Kubinka. British, USA, Canada tanks and carriers, Pavilion N 5 exhibits.

Armored vehicles, launched bridges and snowmobiles, the periods: the Russian Civil War, World War II Lend-Lease, Cold War and the Local Conflicts

танковый музей в кубинке

tank museum (Kubinka) Pavilion N5, archives photo of 199X-s

Павильон авто-броне-техники США/ Великобритании

Tank museum (Kubinka), British, USA, Canada armored vehicles, tanks and carriers. Pavilion N5, photo 2012

Some of the exhibits of the pavilion N5.

Modern and archival photos:

Мк V «Ромбус» (по советски «Большой») в окраске Красной армии тов.Троцкого

British (ex.Russian White Army) Mk V «Rombus» painted as the trophies at the Red Army of Leon Trotsky service

британский танк МК V

British tank Mk V in the wrong color. Archives photos

Американский танк М46 «Паттон-1″

USA tank M46 «Patton-1»  (N10). Archives photo dec. 2007

Tactical painting made during the war in Vietnam

Tactical painting made of the period of  the war in Vietnam (see. US tanks lined in Vietnam and Museum Cu Chi Tunnels)

P.S. In order to improve the appearance of the artifacts and bring them to a united color view exhibits of Western comtries especially for the tank crew  Day 2007, they were painted in a united soviet army protective green color 🙁 .

to be continued…