Assault Infantry Gun StuIG 33B (Sturmpanzer III)

Soviet classification, the official catalog — German self-propelled howitzer SU-150 1943 1942 (assault howitzer based on the T-III), serial ()

the Third Reich name   — Sturm-Infanteriegeschütz 33 Ausf.B or reduced StuIG 33B — Assault infantry gun on the basis of the self-propelled guns StuG III, by installing 15 cm heavy infantry howitzer sIG 33.

Sometime it named as — Sturmpanzer III, Sturmpanzer 33B или Sturmgeschütz 33B (StuG 33B).

Developed in 1941-42 by AIkett firm. 24 Total production units, but remained the only one. Actively used in the Battle for Stalingrad

StuIG 33B in Kubinka tank collection

Немецкая самоходная гаубица СУ-150 на базе T-III

German assault Infantry Gun StuIG 33B (Kubinka tank museum)

Tactical technical characteristics of StuIG 33B*:

  • Weight — 25 tonnes (Kubinka catalogue) 21 tonnes (international sourcers)
  • Crew — 5 people
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height)— 5480 х 2950 х 2450 mm
  • Weaponry:  gun (howitzer)— 1 piece, caliber 150 mm., ammunition — 24 shots (as catalogue — 30)
  • machine gun — 1 piece, caliber — 7,92 mm., ammunition 2000 shots (Kubinka),  600 (International)
  • Armory protection, front — 50 mm,  turret — 80 mm
  • Engine power — 300 hp
  • Maximum speed — 20 km / h (international sources)
  • Cruising on the highway — up to 110 km..
  • Depth overcome the water barrier — 1.1 meters.

design features:

Base — tank Panzer III

The overall layout: the engine compartment behind the front gear, the combat and the control -in the middle

Weapons —howitzer, a panoramic target sight RbIF 36

Armored protection— compared to the base tank frontal turret armored sheet has a slope of 10 degrees

Chassis — Carburetor engine Maybach HL 120TRM, 12-cylinder, carburetor, V-type, liquid cooling,  the average ground pressure of 1 kg / cm. There is a radio station and a tank intercom

Additional photos:


Battle for Stalingrad trophies StuIG 33B, testing in Kubinka polygon 1945