PVO antiaircraft defense, Patriot park

Soviet / Russian anti- aircraft defense systems (PVO), museum complex exhibition, Patriot park, Moscow region

  • S-25 anti-aircraft launch system

Multi- channel (20 targets) , M1950-1970

  • 96L6E radar station (RLS), all-altitude detector

The separate target designation station of the S-300PMU system.

range detecting — 5-300 km.

target amount — 100

crew — 3 men

  • 5T92  — rocket carrier and loading machine (TZM) on MAZ-543M truck chassis

Long distance (51T6) and short distance (53T6) high speed anti-aircraft rocket, A-135 «Amur» mine complex , Moscow and Central industrial PVO districts.

Designed since 197X as  object «A-35», tested  during 1979-1993, at military service since feb 1995 (with 53T6 rockets)

  • 35N3 «Kasta» radar station (RLS)

Anti- «Stealth» radar. Could be on the movable platform  such as «Kasta 2E». Sea and frontier troop service