Air defense missile system SA-21 Growler, S-400 Triumph

«Almaz» NPO Academician AA Raspletin, Inc.

Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-400 «Triumph» (NATO — SA-21 Growler) — anti-aircraft missile system of the large and medium-range air defense missile system (SAM) of the new generation. Designed to engage all the modern and advanced air and space attack — aircraft reconnaissance, aircraft strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical, operational-tactical ballistic missiles, intermediate range ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets jammers, aircraft radar surveillance and guidance systems, and others.

Patriot park

Patriot park, SA-21 Growler

S-400 «Triumph» has a much greater tactical and technical capabilities of providing more than two-times increase in efficiency. «Triumph» — the only system that can selectively operate with up to 4 different types of missiles have a launch mass and launch range, creating a layered defense.

The high degree of automation of all stages of the combat operation, modern element base greatly reduced staff. Principles of construction and an extensive communication system means «chetyrehsotke» allow you to integrate it into the various levels of government, not only the Air Force, and other branches of the Armed Forces. All systems funds are placed on a wheeled chassis with high cross and allow transportation by rail, water and air transport.

S-400 «Triumph» put into service April 28, 2007. August 6, 2007 the S-400 «Triumph» stood on alert on Moscow’s protection and Moscow industrial area in the town of Elektrostal.

In the period up to 2015 it is planned to supply the troops more than 20 battalions of S-400 «Triumph».

The composition of the anti-aircraft missile system S-400 «Triumph»:

  • control center;
  • 6 anti-aircraft missile systems;
  • additional systems

The types of targeted objectives:

  • aircraft such as strategic aircraft B-1B, the FB-111, B-52;
  • specialized electronic warfare aircraft type EF-111A, EA-6;
  • reconnaissance aircraft such as TR-1;
  • early warning aircraft such as E-3A, E-2C;
  • tactical aviation aircraft such as the F-15, F-16, F-22;
  • aircraft manufactured by the technology «Stealth» type of B-2, F-117A;
  • strategic cruise missiles type «Tomahawk» Alcmene;
  • aeroballistic rockets SRAM, ASALM;
  • medium-range ballistic missiles;
  • tactical ballistic missiles.

The maximum speed of the targeted objectives, m / s up to 4800
Range lesions aerodynamic targets:
— The maximum, 250 km
— Minimum, 3 km
The height of the lesion aerodynamic objectives:
— The maximum, 27 km
— Minimum, 0.01 km
Range tactical ballistic defeat the purposes of:
— The maximum, 60 km
— Minimum, 5 km
Height defeat ballistic targets:
— The maximum, 27 km
— Minimal, 2 km
Number of simultaneously tracked targets up to 300 tracks
Number of simultaneously engaged targets 36
The number of missiles simultaneously induced 72
Time deployment of a marching condition min. 5
Time to bring the system of means to combat readiness of deployed state, min. 3
Hours funds system overhaul, h 10000
Operational lifetime:
— Ground-based, not less than 20 years
— Surface-to-air missile, the year of at least 15